Extract Local Leads Faster

Scrape UNLIMTED contact details from local businesses easily. 

All the features made for your business

Find Local Businesses

Quickly find businesses within a certain geographic location. Get contact information, business profiles, and much more.

Contact information

Our web scraping tool makes it easy to quickly gather contact information from local businesses, including phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and websites.

Website technology

Unlock the full potential of a website and gain powerful insights into its technology and tools with our web scraping tool.

Automatically Collect Data from Multiple Websites

Easily collect data from multiple websites with this feature. Simply enter a list of URLs and the tool will do the rest. The information will be extracted and organized in a spreadsheet for easy viewing. Save time and effort with this automated data collection process.

Minimalistic and clear design

If you want to extract local leads, you can login to ScrapeLocal.